Free Relationship Counselling in Liverpool!

A Free relationship counselling session is now being offered to couples or individuals to allow you the chance to decide if counselling can help.

Our Free Relationship counselling could be for “Couples Counselling” or “Family Therapy”. You will be assessed and therapy may be offered as a single session or can be short term blocks of 4 sessions. These counselling sessions are face-to-face and are completely confidential. After the Free session you will have the chance to book further Private counselling sessions with us.

Each of our relationship counselling sessions will last for 50 minutes and will usually involve both parties in the relationship attending the session. However, some individuals may benefit from seeing the therapist separately before meeting up again and this can be arranged.

Why are we giving Free Counselling?

There is often a prejudiced view of “Marriage guidance” or any other type of Counselling outside of trauma /critical incident therapy. Beacon works closely with clients who need such Therapy but the importance of strong relationships is often overlooked and the consequences of unhealthy relationships can, in some situations, be extremely damaging to all parties involved. Unhappy marriages for example can often affect children and other family members so should not be dismissed out of hand.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us via the contact form, email or telephone, there are limited places available!