Legal and Insurance Referral Programme

Beacon is the leading deliverer of therapeutic services in Merseyside and its clinical portfolio is developing in 2014. Having worked with over 5000 patients and being an NHS approved supplier of Mental Healthcare services we are perfectly position to provide expert Mental Health Assessments and a full range of Counselling services (see About Beacon for more information).

As part of our referral programme Beacon Counselling Trust, from the point of referral will engage the patient by telephone within 24 hours and offer an assessment interview of approx. 45 minutes to explore the patient’s scenario and to agree a care plan.

This care plan usually results in a number of face to face sessions with a therapist suitably experienced and qualified in the modality best suited to the issues presented or explored at the assessment.

One of the major differences within the operational pathway developed by Beacon when compared to other organisations is that should, through the care pathway the patient disclosed an issue that necessitates an adjustment to the care plan or another specialist intervention the team at Beacon are able to accommodate this without re-referral to another organisation.

All supporting case reports and patient assessments are reviewed by the Clinical Director and a clear structure of supervision from a clinical and managerial perspective is in place at all times.


How does it work?

  • You will have an allocated Accounts Manager, who will be a fully qualified Therapist and BACP Member as your point of contact and they will liaise with you giving a weekly/fortnightly progress report.
  • A full end of session report will be provided which can be used in any Legal cases as evidence etc.
  • Our service can offer a full Mental Health Assessment which can be used to assess whether a full Psychiatric diagnosis is required.
  • Our therapists all trained in a variety of modalities and are all CRB checked and are members of BACP and work to their ethical framework and code of practice.
  • Charges for our services will be 20% less than our private / Ad hoc Client charges.
  • Your firm will be added to our Solicitor referral list and provided to those who request it.