“Good Mental Health is the new Wealth”

Many people suffer from trauma in their lives, some more than others, for some it goes with the job.
But a traumatic incident does not have to contaminate the rest of your life.


Beacon Counselling has fully trained therapists from a variety of professional disciplines that deal in Trauma, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Group Crisis Intervention.

Critical Incident Stress Management is a co-ordinated program of tactics that are linked and blended together to alleviate the reactions to traumatic experiences.

If you have experienced a traumatic event or a critical incident (any event that causes unusually strong emotional reactions that have the potential to interfere with the ability to function normally,) even though the event may be over, you may now be experiencing or may experience later, some strong emotional or physical reactions. It is very common, in fact quite normal, got people to experience emotional aftershocks when they have passed through a horrible event.

Crisis Intervention is Psychological First Aid or Emotional First Aid, it is an active, short-term, supportive, helping process, helping to stabilise the individuals involved, reduce symptoms, return individuals to adaptive functioning or to facilitate access to continued care.

There is now emerging evidence that Early Psychological Intervention after an event can lead to sustained reduction in morbidity years later and can reduce the need for more intensive psychological services reducing the costs to both the individual and the public.

Employers are starting to recognise that traumatic incidents can affect how people feel and react, and for this reason employers are starting to implement help schemes.

All of Beacons therapists are trained in CISM and are available at short notice.

Psychological Disorders

If not managed and resolved appropriately, the state of arousal caused by a Critical Incident may lead to several psychological disorders including Acute Stress Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic Attacks, Depression, Alcohol, Drugs and Other forms of Abuse etc.

Doctors and Caring Professionals as well as work colleagues, family and friends can often miss the effects of trauma.

Psychological Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are often misdiagnosed as depression, anxiety or even ME.
There are well established and effective treatments available for survivors of Trauma and PTSD, and here at Beacon our Counsellors have extensive training and experience in this field.

It is important to understand that the reactions an individual may be experiencing are very common following a trauma. They are NOT a sign of weakness or cracking up.