EFT Therapy Liverpool – Emotional Freedom Technique Therapists Liverpool, Merseyside

Beacon Counselling Trust have specially trained and highly experienced EFT Therapists in Liverpool and West Lancashire available to work one to one with clients. There is no singular approach with EFT. Each session is as unique and varied as the individual and their emotional issues.

EFT will often help clear the issue by getting to the root cause and collapsing other aspects at the same time. At times a number of aspects need to be cleared before emotional intensity can be resolved.

A recent NHS trial found EFT comparable to EMDR for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

EFT was first developed from the work of Dr. Roger Callaghan by Gary Craig in the mid 90’s. A simple accupressure technique which can be used for the most complex emotional issues with the guidance of a trained therapist can also be used by the client as a relaxation technique.

There continues to be speculation within the medical community as to to how Meridian Therapies work. One school offers the Energy Psychology meridian based explanation derived from the relationship of Chi or energy and emotions. Whilst others dismiss this theory and offer a neuro-psychological explaination based on the mini-REM state that results from continual firing of the brains orientation response to the physical stimulus of tapping.

Whilst speculation continues about how EFT works evidence that it works can no longer be disputed.

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