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Bet You Can Help Programme


Practical First Aid for Gambling Related Harms

The ‘Bet You Can Help’ (BYCH) training programme aims to educate learners, using an accredited, uniform, and consistent set of messaging regarding Gambling Related Harms (GRH) and the associated issues, through an ethos that emphasises a Public Health Approach.

A fundamental aspect of the programme utilises a first aid methodology that supports learners to competently implement an early brief intervention with anyone at risk of, or experiencing, gambling harms, and how to signpost to specialist service providers.

The programme seeks to prevent a worsening or escalation of the individual’s gambling harms situation. This is done through a developed understanding of the issue, developing confidence in supporting individuals and ultimately by guiding and signposting people in accessing appropriate specialist services.

The programme is offered FREE to services engaging with our identified key target groups. Anyone interested in this course who is not specifically engaging with our target groups, please use the register your interest form to discuss possible options.

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The ‘Bet You Can Help’ Framework, using a developed first aid model in supporting individuals experiencing gambling related harms, incorporates the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms with prevention, education, treatment and support integral within its course objectives.

First Aid approach to GRH – 1st point of contact every contact counts

Equip learners with GRH knowledge, skills, and attitudes to perform early intervention

Signpost and refer to specialist service provision

Our Mission

We want to drive down the numbers of people suffering from gambling related harms, whilst at the same time increase the numbers of individuals accessing appropriate treatment and support. This mission is underpinned by a strong belief that those in ‘helping roles’ are best placed to be mobilised as ‘community connectors’ to engage and support those in need.

Programme Collaborators

The programme is accredited by The Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) and is evaluated by Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO). The qualification was developed in collaboration with a number of experts in this field and from the Gambling Health Alliance, including Beacon Counselling Trust, Unite the Union and the Addiction Recovery Agency.

BCT, ARA and RCA Trust are the RSPH approved learning centres to deliver the BYCH programmes.  

Programme Evaluated by GREO – (Gambling Research Exchange Ontario)


RSPH Accredited Level 2 Award in Tackling Gambling Related Harm


Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for participants attending this course are highlighted in the key elements listed below:

Training Options

Bet You Can Help Now!

‘The ‘Bet You Can Help’ Now is a three-hour learning module, containing a one hour condensed training workshop that features the key elements of the tackling gambling harms first aid approach, alongside two hours of self-guided learning facilitated through the ‘Bet You Can Help’ Handbook. This course is aimed at people who may be restricted in the ability to attend the full day programme, but wish to use the core elements within their professional practice (please note Bet You Can Help Now! does not include the Level 2 accredited award for tackling gambling related harms).

The objectives of the Bet You Can Help Now! module are:

This workshop is appropriate for professionals in any public facing role.

Bet You Can Help

The ‘Bet You Can Help’ is a Level 2 award in tackling gambling related harms. Accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health and regulated by Ofqual, this full day training programme offers three in depth modules focusing on, the prevalence and different perspectives on gambling related harms, the identification of gambling related harms and the specialist support, treatment and signposting available to help those in need. The precursor to the three fixed modules is a themed module related to the area of work the attendee specialises in.

The objectives of Bet You Can Help are:

The Level 2 award will be assessed through a 40 minute, 25 question multiple choice examination, where a score of at least 17 out of 25 will need to be achieved, in order to receive the certification of programme completion.

Overview of
modules 1 - 4


Vulnerable groups themed content


Gambling harms prevalence and perspectives



Identification of gambling harms and offering support



Specialist support, treatment, signposting and onward referral

Key Target Groups

South Asian Community

Armed Forces Community



Criminal Justice

Affected Others

Thematic Modules

South Asian Community

The ‘Breaking the Sharam’ module is a culturally sensitive and linguistically diverse approach in supporting faith leaders and members of the South Asian community in addressing gambling related harms.

The objectives of this module are:

Criminal Justice System

The ‘Arresting Gambling Related Harms’ module supports an early intervention framework concerning gambling related harms and criminality, specifically at the point of arrest, but fundamentally throughout the criminal justice system process.

The objectives of this module are:


The ‘Reducing Gambling Harms in the Workplace’ module supports employers and organisations to promote the health and wellbeing of their workforce experiencing gambling related harms through policy development and good practice.

The objectives of this module are:

Armed Forces Community

The ‘Battling the Odds’ module engages with the armed forces community and its leadership in understand the links to gambling related harms whilst promoting access to specialist treatment and support.

The objectives of this module are:


This module engages with services, supporting the homeless, in understanding the range of factors that contribute to the vulnerabilities of gambling related harms concerning this specific group with the aim of increasing access to specialist treatment provision and appropriate support.

The objectives of this module are:

Affected Others

This module seeks to engage with professionals, working in a helping role such as health and social care settings, in developing their understanding concerning the issues associated with those who are ‘affected’ by another individuals gambling behaviours. 

The objectives of this module are:


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