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Getting Help for Gambling-Related Harms

Support for yourself or someone you know

Beacon Counselling Trust is based in the North West of England and offers free, tailored support and education to those affected by gambling-related harms, including 121 therapy, couples therapy, practical help, and long-term recovery support.

For support outside of the North West region, please visit:
Get in touch with us:
0151 226 0696

Accessing Support

We offer gambling-related harms treatment and support across the North West of England, covering regional areas such as:

Liverpool City Region, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, West Lancashire, Fylde, Cumbria and Lancaster.

Face to Face support is offered based on our practitioner and location availability.

Support is also offered remotely through:

Telephone Sessions

Online Sessions – Microsoft Teams 

How Our Gambling-Related Harms Support Service is Structured

Stage 1 – Referral There is no wrong door for you to refer to us, whether this be via the gambling helpline, self-referral, or through another professional. When this first point of contact takes place, you will go through a short screening process by our treatment team. Stage 2 – Assessment A full, comprehensive assessment by a trained practitioner is then carried out to fully assess your gambling behaviour or the impact of another individual’s gambling behaviour. There is no waiting list and you will be booked in within 2-5 working days. You will be made aware of the support available at BCT and the different treatment and support pathways. Stage 3 – 121 Sessions Once you have completed your assessment with our treatment team, you will be allocated to one our qualified therapists for your 1-2-1 sessions. Halfway through your sessions, your therapist will review with you what progress you feel you have made and what you would like to gain from the rest of your sessions. If for whatever you reason you don’t feel on track, additional measures and support can be put in place. Stage 4 – Long Term Support Once you have completed therapeutic support, you will be made aware of the additional programmes that could benefit your recovery long-term including group support, Trek Therapy (nature-based therapeutic support), peer-based support and a range of community-based programmes to support you in your ongoing recovery journey.

Affected by someone’s gambling?

Living or coping with someone who is experiencing gambling-related harms can be stressful and exhausting. Dealing with the gambling of someone else can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health and cause many different practical issues within your life. We understand the importance of supporting not just the person gambling, but those around them too.

We offer free and confidential advice, support, and treatment to people who have been affected by someone’s gambling including family member, partners, and friends. You are not alone.

Not ready to get in touch?

I want to understand my relationship with gambling

Gambling-related harms can negatively impact your life and those around you. It is not always easy to recognise that you have a problem yourself.

Take our free self-assessment tool today and we will endeavour to be in touch with you by the next working day to offer you free and confidential support.

I would like to self-exclude from gambling

Self-exclusion is a process when an individual can ask a gambling operator to exclude them from gambling for a set length of time.

A service called GAMSTOP allows you to self-exclude form many gambling websites. You can sign up at

To self-exclude form several venues in your area call 0800 294 2060

I would like to join some peer support groups
Our treatment team will be able to refer or signpost you to gambling-related specific peer support groups. Please contact us on 0151 226 0696 or email for more information.

People we have helped

“Thank you Beacon for your support. My life has turned around and I no longer gamble after years of trying to stop. The time was right and the service I received was first class.”

“Very professional and friendly service. Helped me a lot and I highly recommend”.

“You have really helped me with kicking my gambling habit and I couldn’t thank you enough. I think I had already decided it was time to change and had installed gamban prior to the counselling sessions.”

“I rang on behalf of my son whom I was worrying about but talking to the counsellor has helped a lot in my coping with this.”

“Beacon saved my life and made me a better person with a better quality of life away from gambling. Thank you”

“The sessions I had very really helpful so thank you so much for them. Gambling is hopefully behind me now. Today is the 219th day I haven’t gambled and the urge has subsided so much.”

Our Support Network

Beacon Counselling Trust is part of the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN).

This is a network of organisations that all provide free and confidential support to people who are impacted by gambling-related harms.

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