In civilian life, ex-service men & women face a variety of challenges in re-entering their families, and the contrast between the families and realities of homecoming can be distressing. Families themselves have been stressed and experienced problems as a result of the deployment. Partners have made role adjustments while the individual was away and these need to be renegotiated, especially given the possible irritability and tension of the veteran.

The most common disorders amongst British Armed Forces personnel are depression, anxiety disorders, substance misuse (mostly alcohol), psychological trauma-related disorders, adjustment disorders, phobic disorders, psychotic conditions and anger issues.

Problems faced are often chronic, complex and long-term, the earlier the intervention the earlier they can be put on the road to recovery, re-habilitation and re-integration into society.

The goals of the facility

Prevent family breakdown

Prevent social withdrawal and isolation

Prevent problems with employment

Prevent alcohol and drug abuse

Connect with returning veteran

Connect veterans with each other

Offer practical help with specific problems

To attend to the broad needs of ex-service personnel and their family members

To promote rehabilitation and re-integration into society.