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We are very happy to announce our new partnership with PayPlan!

PayPlan offer free debt advice to anyone struggling with their finances, and have a specialist team who will be dealing with all referrals from BCT. We will be able to complete a direct referral for all BCT clients to PayPlan, where they can access free debt support, and can gain advice around debt options such as IVA’s, debt management plans, bankruptcy, and more.

Debt and financial problems are unfortunately a common issue amongst many of our clients who are experiencing gambling-related harms, and we want to ensure we can assist client’s in accessing as much support as possible. At BCT, we acknowledge the importance of holistic support alongside therapeutic support, so it is imperative that we have relationships with partnership organisations who can help clients with practical issues, alongside their therapeutic support with us.

We look forward to developing our relationship with PayPlan further, and providing our clients with a range of financial support options.

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