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The EPIC Restart Foundation was founded in 2020 to offer post-treatment support to those recovering from the effects of gambling disorder.

EPIC believes it is essential to support people after treatment – to help those in recovery make their next move in their personal journey – to rebuild lives, sustain ongoing recovery and ultimately, to help prevent relapse.

EPIC’s programmes are designed to equip those recovering from gambling harm with constructive tools to restore confidence, repair self-belief and better manage relationships. The wide range of activities on offer rebuild self-awareness and resilience, helping people to re-learn and re-skill, improve employability and get ready to seize new opportunities.

EPIC’s programme is FREE for all delegates, with support at all steps provided by Mentors from the EPIC team, whose their own lived experience of gambling harm now helps others to overcome the challenge of getting lives back on track after gambling.

‘A lifechanging experience from those
who want to change your life’

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