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It is estimated there are over 400,000 harmful gamblers in Britain today and various research suggests that for every one of those gamblers, a further six to ten people may be additionally and directly affected by various forms of gambling related harms (GRH). These are often known as ‘Affected Others’.

The financial hardship families will suffer as a result of harmful gambling is a common theme within this arena, but little attention has been given to the much greater, wider, and often catastrophic impact these harms often have on the day-to-day function of family life. Even less attention is given to the regular, immediate, and necessary support these “Affected others “may need.  

Not only are these hardships real and immediate, but many ‘affected others’ are often ‘Guilty by Association’ and face the double whammy of being blind-sided by the harmful gamblers actions, at the same time being hamstrung by such issues as GDPR and ‘Account Management’ which makes it impossible to take back control of an already increasingly powerless situation. A perfect storm of harms with limited ways through and generally without any support. 

The research into the effects of GRH on relationships, the social, emotional, and physical toll and the overall health and wellbeing of individuals is limited and there are few, if any assessment tools beyond therapeutic support, specifically designed for family members or associates of a harmful gambler to assess their multiply stranded needs.

The voice of many ‘affected others’ demonstrates a clear evidenced requirement to increase support in areas such as: education and awareness raising, bereavement, debt and financial management, legal advice, and family practical support, in a co-ordinated and structured way, which needs be initiated without delay, with its primary aim to minimise the collateral damage from GRH and to protect in some cases, what remains of the family unit.  

The many voices of Lived Experience feel that recognition of the need to provide support to ‘affected others’ should be equal to those who are recognised as harmful gamblers, and in this regard their voices should be heard. 

This conference, the 1st in the UK to be initiated and structured by those with Lived Experiences, seeks to put the issues concerning those affected by another person’s harmful gambling at the top of the agenda, with the overshadowing direction of profiling the needs of ‘Affected Others’ and increasing support available.

This conference will be facilitated by Graham England, CEO, ARA Recovery for All and Terry Kilgariff, Chair, Gambling Harms North West Alliance, with a host of other National and International Speakers, with Lived Experience at its heart, and Lived Experience as a force for change.

There will be an opportunity to present a brief question to the keynote speakers / panel members. This can be submitted in advance when ordering your ticket. The conference welcomes contributions from the audience and endeavours to include all submissions. However, it may not be possible for all questions to be addressed and the organisers apologise if any questions are not raised during the event.

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FREE Online Event – ‘Guilty by Association’ – The Unspoken Impact of Gambling Related Harms. 26.02.21 10am – 12noon

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