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The team at Beacon Counselling Trust are supporting a new project pushing for change in the stigma around gambling addiction.

The non-for-profit initiative Tackling Gambling Stigma is a new multi-media website, featuring videos, articles and resources with people sharing their real-life experiences of gambling harm.

Tackling Gambling Stigma brings together research and voices from the lived experience community together on one platform with the aim of building a safe space for connection.

It is hoped those who have or are experiencing harms can connect with others living through similar difficulties and will feel encouraged to reach out and seek further help.

In addition, professionals and the wider public can gain a better understanding reading, listening, and watching people share their own stories.

Lauren Campbell, Treatment Manager at Beacon Counselling Trust said:

One of the biggest barriers to accessing support is the feeling of shame, and worry about the stigma they may face if they open up to a loved one, or even a professional, about their gambling, or the gambling of a loved one. This project is great opportunity for those struggling with gambling harms to understand they are not alone, and there are services that understand and empathise, and can offer them the support they need. This project will also help to break down any prejudice and stigma of those that know an individual experiencing gambling harms directly, and professionals that may be supporting someone who is experiencing issues with their gambling.

The project has been built to help break down negative stereotypes surrounding gambling harms. Evidence has shown feelings of shame and guilt around a person’s gambling often stops them from seeking help.

A spokesperson from Tackling Gambling Stigma said:

No matter what your story is, where you are from or what the gambling harm has been, you are the person we want to talk to.

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