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Our Co-Founder and Clinical Manager Kathy got the surprise of a lifetime thanks to The One Show’s The One Big Thank You and Strictly’s Shirley Ballas.

Every week The One Show likes to give One Big Thank You to someone who’s gone the extra mile to help others in their community and we couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than our own Paul’s Place Co-Founder Kathy.

Over the last 5 years since Paul’s Place was launched, Kathy has helped so many individuals and families who have been bereaved by suicide across Merseyside. Kathy’s work and impact was highlighted by Shirley whose brother David took his life 20 years ago “If I had someone like you to sit and talk to, my mother and I, perhaps we wouldn’t have carried this guilt for 20 years”.

Kathy was under the impression she had been invited to be interviewed about Paul’s Place, it was up to Shirley to break the news to Kathy that today was all about her. “I’m here on behalf of The One Show to give you One Big Thank You for all the work that you have done to help so many families, to be there for people, for everything that you’ve created in Liverpool.”

Kathy, much like our viewers watching at home, couldn’t keep the tears at bay –

Jeez, I’m welling up #PaulsPlace” said one Twitter user
This has got me quite emotional watching this. Well done, Kathy” said Julie on Twitter.

Shirley continued to unveil more surprises for Kathy when she led her to a group of her family, friends and Paul’s Place clients who were waiting to great her with a heartfelt and well-deserved round of applause. Video messages from Kathy’s family, friends, colleagues and celebrities thanking Kathy for her work were played to an emotional audience with Kathy trying to take in the love and gratitude around her.

We are so proud of Kathy for everything she’s created at Paul’s Place. We believe we can say on behalf of our community, one big thank you, Kathy.

You can watch The One Show and The One Big Thank You on iPlayer:
BBC iPlayer - The One Show
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