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In January, YMCA Together became the first YMCA to sign the Workplace Charter to Reduce Gambling Related Harms. YMCA Together are a key organisation in Liverpool with the work they undertake supporting many of societies most vulnerable with a range of issues.

We are delighted they have recognised gambling-related harms amongst these issues and have worked with us to develop an internal policy to support their staff should issues arise. Engaging with our training offer to upskill both staff and volunteers to help identify gambling harms within their service user group and offer the appropriate level of support.

YMCA Together have also been a fantastic collaborator in providing the venue to host our training and also promote our offer across their vast networks.

We see the charter as a crucial part of our prevention offer and promotes not only positive wellbeing of the workforce, but also raises awareness of gambling harms as a key public health issue.

This Workplace Charter provides a framework for action to help employers and staff build good practice in health and work in their organisation. The charter supports all types of employers, large and small, from public, private and voluntary sectors.

A healthier workforce has a positive impact on the productivity and sustainability of organisations. It also benefits society as a whole, by reducing health and social care costs, and the human costs of ill-health.


We look forward to continuing our relationship with YMCA Together through 2024!

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